Monday, October 12, 2009

CCAA pre pre-approval

The Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs gave a verbal ok for us to adopt two children this trip, and we can begin the preapproval process to adopt FengHong!! I'm just waiting for the medical report (the ok) from the pediatrician. FengHong appears to be a healthy child, but it's best to have a Dr. read and interpret the lab results etc. We haven't told the kids yet that we are going to pursue adopting yet another child, but we have shown them the videos of FengHong jump roping. It looks amazing, really. After we receive the ok from the Dr., we'll break the news to them. Austin's only concern seems to be that our adoption might have an impact on his schooling. Austin loves McQuaid, and he wants to make certain that we can continue to afford his tuition. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. For now, we just want to bring our sons home safe and sound.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


We received the video of the boy, FengHong, who is 13 and going to "age out" in May. He's darling, and I am happy to say he IS quite athletic, which is a good fit for our family. On the video he jumps rope (all double jumps) and cross overs! We submitted the medical records and video to our adoption Dr., and we're waiting for her to look over everything. FengHong also needs a small corrective surgery, but we don't think that it will be a big problem. Once the Dr. gives the ok., then we have to ask the kids if they are willing to adopt two children, instead of one. We especially have to get Austin to be "on board." Austin tends to be negative, and we want to make certain he's going to be happy with the adoptions too. FengHong is only 6 months younger than Austin, and I'm hoping they will be great friends and brothers.