Thursday, February 25, 2010

Testing...Testing...from Dad

Connor made such a good exhibit of his mastery of sarcasm I had to blog today too. As you can tell from the blogs everyone is getting more and more execited now that we have booked flights and we leave in less than three weeks! I put pictures of Ben and John rotating on my desktop today.

My list

I made yet another "to do before we go to China" list this morning. None of the stuff is complicated, but everything ends up taking longer than I anticipate. Without further ado, here's my recent list:
1. Take cell phones to Verizon to back up our contacts and make them usable in China. There is a special sequence of codes that needs to be entered in order for our phones to work there. We don't intend to use the phones, but, hey, you never know. 2. Call our credit card companies to alert them that we will be making charges from China. If they notice "suspicious" activity, they will put holds on our cards and we will be in big trouble. 3. Fill out temporary emergency slips for the school nurses so that they have phone numbers to call for Cheng and Austin. 4. Obtain copies of our shot records, just in case we wind up in a Dr. office or something. 5. Scan all the adoption paperwork and save on a flash drive. Yes, copies of virtually everything. This will take several hours. 6. Notify our bank of the power of attorney given to Linda and Victor. 7. Stop the mail at the post office for when we are away. 8. Write out a detailed schedule of activities for Linda and Victor, including phone numbers of Doctors, dentists, etc. 9. Set up the new netbook computer with our email contacts. 10. Coordinate someplace for Cheng to stay and clear it with AFS and his parents in China. 11. Get all the paperwork from WACAP, including our Travel Notice, and make copies. 12. Cancel all Connor's lessons and various tutors for when we are away. 13. Notify the tenants at the lake that we will be away, and give them contact info for emergencies. 14. Consult with Dr. Breen about medications to bring to China for our new sons. This appointment is scheduled for March 3rd. 15. Shop for clothes to wear on the plane (no zippers or metal). Ugh.
I'm certain there will be a few more items that will occur to me, but that is my recent to-do list.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Testing...Testing...This is Connor Speaking

I am really getting excited about the adoption! Oh, by the way, this is Connor, if you haven't figured that out by the title. Mom keeps on asking me if I am excited about the adoption. She doubts that I care at all that I will have two new brothers that can't even speak English. Well, just because I don't show it, doesn't mean I am not excited. Finally, I will have someone that can talk to me, without having the urge to punch me (Austin). I hope that Mom and Dad decide to name FengHong, the thirteen year old Jonathan. I do NOT like the name Jack. I don't really have a reason why. It is just that there are TONS of better names than boring ole' Jack. Well, enough griping for one post. How about being optimistic? Yea! Two new brothers! Yea! Is that enough? It had better be, because I am finished "expressing" my thoughts. Good-bye.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Every day preparing

Every day now I try to do at least one thing to get ready for our trip. Today, I printed up a bunch of photos to bring to China to give the boys' caretakers, and I bought cigarettes. Yes, cigarettes. I read on a blog that Chinese people really enjoy smoking American Marlboro cigarettes, and as much as I detest smoking, it's best to give a gift that the receiver will appreciate. I had no idea that a carton of cigarettes was so expensive! I don't know how anyone can justify $70.00 a week to smoke! I also bought a digital ear thermometer, in case a child gets ill and I need to obtain a temperature. It's difficult enough to get Connor to hold the thermometer under his tongue; I can safely assume it would be quite a task to take an oral temperature while in China. I am also spending at least 30 min. a day on my Chinese lessons. After over a year of consistent study, I can now ask how much something costs, and where is the bathroom. Fortunately, Connor (and Austin) have learned more, and they understand quite a bit of the language. BingHui and FengHong probably won't know any English, and although they will pick it up quickly I'm sure, it will make them both feel more at ease if we know at least a few basic sentences when we meet them.