Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Testing...Testing...This is Connor Speaking

I am really getting excited about the adoption! Oh, by the way, this is Connor, if you haven't figured that out by the title. Mom keeps on asking me if I am excited about the adoption. She doubts that I care at all that I will have two new brothers that can't even speak English. Well, just because I don't show it, doesn't mean I am not excited. Finally, I will have someone that can talk to me, without having the urge to punch me (Austin). I hope that Mom and Dad decide to name FengHong, the thirteen year old Jonathan. I do NOT like the name Jack. I don't really have a reason why. It is just that there are TONS of better names than boring ole' Jack. Well, enough griping for one post. How about being optimistic? Yea! Two new brothers! Yea! Is that enough? It had better be, because I am finished "expressing" my thoughts. Good-bye.

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