Thursday, February 25, 2010

My list

I made yet another "to do before we go to China" list this morning. None of the stuff is complicated, but everything ends up taking longer than I anticipate. Without further ado, here's my recent list:
1. Take cell phones to Verizon to back up our contacts and make them usable in China. There is a special sequence of codes that needs to be entered in order for our phones to work there. We don't intend to use the phones, but, hey, you never know. 2. Call our credit card companies to alert them that we will be making charges from China. If they notice "suspicious" activity, they will put holds on our cards and we will be in big trouble. 3. Fill out temporary emergency slips for the school nurses so that they have phone numbers to call for Cheng and Austin. 4. Obtain copies of our shot records, just in case we wind up in a Dr. office or something. 5. Scan all the adoption paperwork and save on a flash drive. Yes, copies of virtually everything. This will take several hours. 6. Notify our bank of the power of attorney given to Linda and Victor. 7. Stop the mail at the post office for when we are away. 8. Write out a detailed schedule of activities for Linda and Victor, including phone numbers of Doctors, dentists, etc. 9. Set up the new netbook computer with our email contacts. 10. Coordinate someplace for Cheng to stay and clear it with AFS and his parents in China. 11. Get all the paperwork from WACAP, including our Travel Notice, and make copies. 12. Cancel all Connor's lessons and various tutors for when we are away. 13. Notify the tenants at the lake that we will be away, and give them contact info for emergencies. 14. Consult with Dr. Breen about medications to bring to China for our new sons. This appointment is scheduled for March 3rd. 15. Shop for clothes to wear on the plane (no zippers or metal). Ugh.
I'm certain there will be a few more items that will occur to me, but that is my recent to-do list.

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