Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I-800 approval

We just received a call from the Dept. of Homeland Security, National Benefits Center. They processed our I800 with the copies that we sent of the original documents, and we are now approved by the US government for FengHong!! Hooray! She uploaded our file to the National Visa Center in Guangzhou, and hopefully they will send us a letter by the end of the week saying they received the file. It looks like we cleared another hurdle! We still hope to travel by March 5th, so that we don't have to extend our invitation to travel (for BingHui) that expires March 10th. On another note, we are still thinking about an American name for FengHong. David is worried people might call him Jackie Chan, who is a Chinese actor of martial arts movies. Back to the drawing board. The name for FengHong is always on our mind, and we want to make certain we find just the right name for our son. We decided that we want to pick a name with religious significance, since we feel God led us down this path. Cheng suggested the name John, since FengHong's surname is Jiang, and John sounds similar. John. Yes, that might work.