Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Letter of Confirmation

We received our official Letter of Confirmation from the Chinese government. Basically, it "matches" us with Fan, Bing Hui, and the letter requests that we accept the match. Sign here, if the Peters family wishes to proceed with the adoption. Of course, we selected BingHui in December of last year, but if we were adopting an infant, this would be the point when we would first get the information about the baby. I can't imagine how that must feel, getting a letter identifying your new child. We did things differently because we are adopting a waiting child who is 6 years old. However, the letter of confirmation is a big big step in the right direction. From here, we just need to fill out a few more forms, gather together our documents, come up with $7,000 CASH, and then Viola, time to travel. It could be as early as 3 months from now! Wow! I'm sure most adoptive parents don't think so, but we think the time passed quickly. Less than a year ago, we decided to adopt, and now it's almost complete! Time to get the room ready and send care packages to China to our new son!

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