Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where's the I 800 approval?

It's been seven weeks since we received our letter of confirmation for FengHong, and I've been patiently waiting for our I-800 approval from US Dept. of Homeland Security. The approval should take 3-4 weeks. Yes, I realize there have been three major holidays, but even so I decided to do my own follow-up with the National Benefits Center. Yesterday, I called to inquire on the status of our case. Well, it turns out that the woman at the NBC had requested (at the end of Nov.) our entire file back from the Visa center in China so that she could issue the approval. She has not received it back yet. I offered to send her our copies of all the paperwork so that she can proceed. Apparently, a boss needs to follow-up, and I might need to fax everything over to the NBC. Of course, being me, I'm wondering why no one called me earlier to inform me of the reason for the delay. If it's just copies of paperwork they need, I have them all too. At least I hope I do. I've been careful to make photo copies of everything before I mail it, but it is possible I'm missing a document or two. The pile of paperwork is simply amazing. When the woman at the NBC asked me if I was calling about the I-800A, or the I-800, I had to pause. Honestly, I'm not sure of the difference in the two forms. But now at least I have the NBC looking at our file again. Slowly, slowly, slowly we move forward toward China and our sons. We just can't wait to bring them home!

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