Sunday, November 16, 2008

A road with many twists

We met with the two specialists Friday about our adoption plans and to discuss which child we should adopt. They strongly suggested that we choose to adopt from the Beijing area. The children in Beijing have better nutrition, education, and care overall. Yes, we want to help a needy child, but the specialists told us to choose a child who has the best chance to succeed. It's tough to "pick" our new child, and we were very happy for the guidance of the social worker and the adoption pediatrician. They have years and years of experience with adoptive parents, and we were very fortunate to get an appointment with them. If David was not partners with an attorney who knows the Dr., we would never have been able to get an appointment with these specialists. Also,we know that there are literally thousands of children waiting adoption, many who are healthy. On the CCAA (China Center for Adoption Affairs) shared list of children waiting for families is 6,778 pages long!!! Americans have adopted over 100,000 children from China in the last ten years. Wow! We'll just keep waiting for the right one for us,as we look more closely at children from Beijing area.

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