Friday, December 12, 2008

Moving forward--we found our new son!

Wow! I can't believe I haven't blogged in almost a month! Time certainly does slip away. Well, the last month has brought significant progress. After our appointment with the two specialists, we went to the drawing board (and by this I mean the internet) to find our new son. We had to identify (choose) a child that we wished to adopt and then fill out the application for him. With literally hundreds of thousands of children in orphanages waiting to be adopted, this was a daunting task. It was up to us to search the thousands of children listed, and find the right "match." We knew that we wanted a boy between the ages of 18months and 14years, which narrowed it down somewhat because there are more girls available to adopt than boys. We chose to adopt from China, rather than Ethiopia or Taiwan, only because China has an established (and rule-based) program. Other countries seem to make up the procedures as they go along. Yes, Ethiopian children probably are in more desperate need than Chinese children, but we just weren't up for years of waiting, rules changing, and then torment. We had a friend who adopted from Africa, and at the airport on the way out of the country they were detained for three days. They finally had to bribe a flight attendant to be allowed to board the plane. In China, the program is a well-oiled machine. Anyway, we did finally select a boy from Beijing, named Bing Hui. In his photo, he is leaning up against a tree, almost hugging it. He has round, rosy cheeks, and he's 5 years old. Now, we are just waiting for the Chinese government to approve our application. The Dr. we consulted with approved BingHui's medical records. She went over his lab reports, and all his medical information carefully. He will need medical care for a few minor issues, but nothing we can't handle. He also needs lots of dental work, which is not uncommon for children in orphanages. BingHui lives in a foster home in Beijing, which is good because that means his nutrition is probably better, and he has bonded with his foster parents most likely. The ability to bond is established at a young age, and sometimes children living in institutions have trouble with attachment issues, according to our doctor. So, that's what's new on the Peters' adoption front. We now know our future son, and his name is BingHui!!

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