Wednesday, November 5, 2008

home study ( Connors opinion )

This is my blog about the home study, so it will be from a different point of view. The lady who came to check our home was nice and understanding. I showed her around the house. She asked me about my feelings about adopting and this is what I really said (mom had it wrong), "Life is short so you cannot change the world, and if you change the life of just one person, well, you're off to a pretty good start". Also, I said that my mom hates doing nothing, so when Austin grows up and there's only me, she will not have anyone to take care of, and no matter how much she complains, she still really enjoys it. Well, Mom, Dad, and the social worker all looked stunned at what I said. I thought to myself, you asked me what I felt like and that's my answer. I then went to get some hot milk. After I was done with my milk, I went up stairs and went to bed.


Uncle Mark and Aunt Shan said...

You are wise beyond your years, Connor! You are so right! The world needs more people like you and your family. We are very excited about the adoption! see you soon! Aunt Shan

The Princess Mom said...

How true, Connor! I haven't heard a more eloquent explanation of why families homeschool OR why families adopt. I have an adopted little sister and after 30 years, I don't even remember she's adopted.