Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Home study

So last night the social worker who is in charge of our home-study came for her first home visit. Yes, we got home from NYC (and running the 26 mile marathon) an hour before we had to have our home inspection and interview. Overall,it wasn't too bad. I limped around a bit, and our suitcases weren't yet unpacked, but we know that isn't what constitutes good parents. We also know that our social worker would understand that we just drove 6 hours and had a long weekend. Connor, as usual, was articulate and funny. He showed the house as if it was for sale, pointing out the plethora of windows and large closets. Too funny. But what really struck me was Connor's understanding of our motivation to adopt. When the social worker asked Connor why he thinks we want to adopt, he explained in great detail his mother's desire to have a house full of children. Then he went on to say something like, "Life is short. We can't always do what we want or solve world problems. But I believe that if we can change the life of one child, then we can make a difference while we are here." Honestly, we didn't rehearse that or anything. I wish I could really quote him accurately because he was so right on the money, but I can't remember what he said verbatim. Anyway, we feel as if we are all on the same page, and we are all committed to doing what we can for a child.

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Vicki said...

WoW!! What a wonderful sign that you have done a wonderful job raising a terrific young man!

Sounds like you will be a great adoptive mom, too. Good luck. Our prayers are with you.