Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New photos of BingHui

We just received updated photos of BingHui (Ben)! He's grown a ton, and is such a cutie. We are thrilled to have current pictures, although a weird background was superimposed. At least now we can see how he has grown!! The last photos we had were from when he was maybe 3 or 4 years old, and now he's 6. I pulled up a growth chart online, and it seems that Ben is well within the parameters of normal height and weight. We previously thought that he was on the small side. Of course, our whole family is small, so it wouldn't matter to us. It's just good to see that he has grown quite a bit this year. We also received an email and a telephone call telling us that we can apply for our Chinese Visa now. Our case-worker is guessing that we will travel early in March. That is what we've been using as our target date since we applied to adopt FengHong, and we are happy we are still on track. The hold-up with the I-800 hasn't put us too far behind schedule. Even if we receive our invitation to travel in early Feb., we won't travel until March because of the Chinese New Year. All the government offices will be closed for at least a week mid-Feb., and then there will be a back log of paperwork, not to mention crowded hotels. As is stands now, our tentative travel is March 5-19. We are saying our prayers everyday, knowing God will guide our family. Connor and I attend church almost daily, and the entire congregation is praying for us now too!

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