Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting ready to travel

Now that it's getting closer to our travel date (5 weeks and counting!), we are starting to dot the i's and cross the t's. For instance, today I spent 20 minutes on the internet researching the cheapest place to park our car for the 2 weeks we're gone. First, I debated if we should ask someone to drive us to the airport, or pay the exorbitant airport parking fees. Looking at flight times (6am departure, 11p arrival), I decided that we definitely need to drive ourselves. The next step was to research the various parking options. Should we stay at the airport hotel the night before the flight, and take advantage of the free parking? We would be close to the airport then for our early departure, but I never sleep well in hotel rooms, and we'll have two weeks of hotels. All these small things to consider. What should I wear on the plane? We were told to wear pants that do NOT have buttons or zippers; it will delay us in security. I guess I need to buy stretch pants for all of us. Ugh. Looking at the flight times, I realized that I should disperse the dogs and remaining children to their various temporary quarters the night before departure. Good to know. I spent another hour looking at various visa services. I can hire a visa service or drive to NYC myself to process the visas. It would save us a little money if I did it myself, but we have too much to do now!!

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