Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It's too bad that I absolutely detest shopping. I'd rather go to the dentist. Unfortunately, I have to stop procrastinating and start shopping for our two new sons. BingHui is a size 5, and I'm guessing FengHong wears about a 10-12. I need to assemble a wardrobe for them to take to China next month. We get to pick up the boys the first day we arrive in China, and then we stay there with them for almost three weeks. Consequently, I need to purchase at least a few weeks of clothes for two children. A carseat for BingHui is something else I need to research and buy soon. I also have to buy a few things for myself for the trip. Ugh. This requires more shopping. I need some kind of legging or stretch pant (no zippers or buttons) to wear on the plane, and a spring jacket. I finally had to throw out my light-weight jacket last year, and I haven't replaced it yet. And slip on shoes for the airport and airplane ride. I wear sneakers normally, but they will be too constricting on the plane. I'm supposed to bring gifts for various people (the guide, orphanage director etc.) too. What can I bring to them that they can't purchase themselves right there in China? I wish I could get away with just giving money, like I do at Christmas, but apparently the gift giving tradition is an important part of their culture. Again--I wish I enjoyed shopping.

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