Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Visa and POA

David and I met for lunch this afternoon, and then we spent the rest of the day completing our Chinese Visa application and executing a Power of Attorney for when we are out of the country. We want to give Linda and Victor the ability to make decisions in our absence if needed. Filling out the Visa form at AAA took almost 90 minutes! I had to "teach" the agent how to do the form; I have studied the document online at great length and I filled out a practice form at home. I also completed the Visa application this summer when Austin went to China. In addition, David invested quite a bit of time putting together the Power of Attorney form. A POA form in NY is now 9 pages long! We are happy that David can prepare some of our legal documents, and we don't need to pay for a lawyer too. While we were at AAA, we also checked out electric converters. I think we decided just to leave all electrical appliances at home. I already planned on having bad hair the whole trip. My biggest concern is the battery for my camera. I don' t know how long a camera battery will last, and I might want to recharge it. I do have a back-up battery though. That might be enough. Yes, I'm getting completely caught up in minutia now. That is how I'm passing the time these days. People talk about how the "wait" for the adoption is excruciating; obviously other people don't have my talent for wasting time on all the little details.

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