Friday, February 19, 2010

New room done!

Today we finished getting the new bedroom all situated. The carpet was installed on Tuesday, and we set up all the bedroom furniture this morning. Wow! It really looks great. The bedroom is in the basement, so it will really only be a guestroom, but I suddenly felt the need to have more space. I don't know why I felt that I had to get an extra bedroom ready before the adoption, since the children will not sleep there, it just seemed important. I guess I needed a project to fill in the time while we are waiting to travel to China. Yesterday, we found out that Marcia and Mike are going to be out of town two different times while we are gone.This creates yet another problem for me to solve. Where is Cheng going to stay while we are in China?? We have relatives who would keep him, but they are located 30 miles from Geneseo. I told him today that he is going to have to ask one of his 332 facebook friends if he can stay with them while we are away. One way or another, we will solve all the minor problems and we will fly to China! Soon, we'll have our sons and we can begin our lives together!!

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Bethany said...

Sandy....Cheng can stay here.