Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flights booked!

Since 7am this morning I have been on the computer trying to get a handle on our trip to China. After weighing all the dates, commitments, and schedules, I finally booked our tickets! I was on the phone with Continental Airlines for an hour, but it's booked. I couldn't book the flights myself online because of the two one-way return tickets originating in Beijing. Those had to be booked directly with the airline. And the trip is scheduled! Hooray! We might end up having to change them at the last minute, but at least we now have a date to tell everyone. We are leaving March 17 and returning April 2nd. Yes, we have to now ask for an extension for BingHui's Travel Notice; however, the adoption agency tells me that is easier to get an extension than trying to expedite FengHong's documents. Also, we just found out that Marcia and Mike, who agreed to let Cheng stay with them while we travel, are going to be leaving for Florida on March 31st. We have to work out someplace else for Cheng to stay for at least a few days. Hopefully, he can find a friend to stay with from March 30-April 2nd. I also spent hours and hours and hours, with Cheng's help, looking at hotels in Beijing. Cheng was great, guiding me to the most convenient and safe areas to stay. I'm leaning towards staying at the Ascott hotel. It is a 5 star hotel, has a children's pool and playroom with toys, and is located in the 3rd circle around Beijing. In Guangzhou the hotel the adoption agency recommends is the Garden Hotel, which also has a children's wading pool. Wow! Progress...I think!

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