Friday, February 12, 2010

Article 5 received

Last night we were informed that our Article 5 letter was just received. Normally, the Travel Notice takes 2 weeks after the Article 5 letter is received. With the Chinese New Year next week, theoretically we should receive our Travel Notice on March 5th. Hmmm. Cutting it a bit close now, aren't we? After discussing everything with David, we decided to just proceed as planned. The flights that I wanted to book on March 5th (nonstop from New York) are no longer available; however, they are available on March 7th. So---I sent an email to our caseworker that we are planning on traveling March 7th, and I'm going to go ahead and book the flights. If we wait until we have the Travel Notice, and then book the flights, we won't travel until the end of March. We are not opposed to the end of March, but that complicates other matters. David has already cleared his calendar for the beginning of March, and we'd also have to ask for an extension on our Travel Notice for BingHui. It expires March 10th. Grrr. Just when we think we have everything all set, something changes.

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