Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More shopping

This week I spent hours and hours online reading "suggested packing lists" for Chinese adoptions. Some of the items listed are obvious, but I found a whole list of things that never occurred to me. For instance, White-Out. When filling out a bunch of documents in Chinese government offices, it is helpful to have White-Out to correct mistakes. Duct tape is another item I wouldn't think of packing, yet it was highly recommended. Our Pediatrician already told us to buy and pack a million different medical items, such as lice shampoo, and I spent all day yesterday at Target stocking up on antibiotic cream, Benedryl, children's Motrin etc. etc. etc. I also bought travel pillows (even if they have them for free on the airplane, I'd rather not risk it), snack foods, and a bunch of small toys for the boys to play with in the hotel. After dinner, there is a whole lot of free time hanging in the hotel, and it'll be an opportunity to bond with the children over a game of Checkers. One of the blogs I read also suggested bringing a Polaroid instant camera. Apparently, one traveler was a big hit with the Chinese locals (orphanage directors and foster parents etc.) because she took instant photos and gave them to the people as gifts. It took me a few hours to figure out that Polaroid is out of business. I could still buy a Polaroid instant camera on ebay, but there was no way to buy the film. Today, I called a photo store and discovered that Fuji makes an instant camera. Another option would be to buy a small portable printer, to instantly print photos from my digital camera. Radio Shack has these hand-sized printers for sale. I'll go check them out later today or tomorrow.

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