Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photos and packing

I checked out the Polaroid "Pogo" thing, that instantly prints digital pictures (after connecting via USB port) today. I also went to look at Fuji's new "instant" camera. The Fuji camera is HUGE, and almost laughable. The instant printer only prints 2x3 photos, and I'd have to mess around with connecting my camera to the printer and then printing. One more thing to carry. I'm not thrilled with any of the existing choices. Inventors---pay attention. An instant light-weight camera would be nice right now. I did buy plug adapters today, so that I can charge my camera battery while we are in China. I also received a call that our Visas are approved, but there is a blizzard in NYC so we won't get our passports back with attached Visas for a few days. Our caseworker emailed me that she inquired about our article 5 last week. She received my call on Monday, and still there is no news. With the Chinese New Year coming up, if we don't get approval this week we are not on schedule to leave March 5th. Bummer. I packed 3 suitcases today. BingHui's, FengHong's and another suitcase just full of presents for the various people who help us in China, plus toys for the kids! I have a ton of clothes for BingHui, but not too many for FengHong yet. I haven't received his updated measurements; therefore, I'm not certain what size to buy for him. The last weight I received said he is 68 pounds. However, the date on the medical report was May 2009. I'm certain he's grown a whole lot in the last 18 months! I'm guessing FengHong might be a size 12, and I bought 3-4 sets of clothes in that size range. We may just have to shop when we get to China for more clothes for FengHong. He might want to pick out his own clothes anyway. I also have no idea what size shoes to get them either!

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