Friday, February 12, 2010

Foiled again

I just spoke to our caseworker at our adoption agency, and our
proposed early March travel date won't work now. The way the US
Consulate is set up for the Visa appointments, we have to travel
Friday to a Friday, 2 weeks later. We need to spend 6 days in Beijing for the first phase of the adoption, then fly to Guanzhou to our consulate there. It takes 48 hours in Guanzhou for the medical exam and the T.B. test, which needs to be completed prior to a Tues.or Wed.
The Visa interview appointments in Guanzhou are only on Tues.and Wed.
Then the swearing in oath is the next day, and we can pick up the
Visas on a Thurs. or Friday and fly home on a Friday or Sat. Looking
at airfares (we want to fly Continental because they fly nonstop from NYC), the best fares are available if we wait until March 19- April2nd. Almost 2 weeks later than we intended, but at least I can
book our flights now with a firm date! We just have to extend our
Travel Notice for BingHui and re-arrange David's calendar. Oh JOY!

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