Monday, March 1, 2010

Bon Voyage dinner--counting down!

Last night we had the family all over for a Bon Voyage dinner. Cheng cooked 4 or 5 different Chinese dishes (it took him hours!!), and I made a few American foods. My brother, Steven, said a wonderful prayer, blessing us as we go forward to China to bring home our sons. We showed the family the video of FengHong, and the most recent photos of BingHui, and everyone is anxiously awaiting their arrival in a few weeks. Even Marie (my step-mother) who was the least supportive about the idea of the adoptions, was upbeat and positive yesterday. Steven kept asking if, while we were in China, would we please bring home a son for him too! Mindy, his wife, is retiring from Xerox next month, at the age of 47, and I know Steven is praying and hoping that Mindy will decide to finally adopt a child. Steven has always wanted 6 children, and for some reason it just wasn't in God's plan for them. They have Lindsay, who is now 22, and I know Steven still hopes for a boy. Maybe our adoptions will have a positive impact on them.
On another note, our WACAP caseworker emailed me that our Travel Notice for FengHong should be issued soon. This is not really news, but at least she is keeping in touch with us regularly. Our inter-China reservations are going to be booked by a Chinese travel agency, except for the hotel in Beijing. I requested a hotel that the agency does not have a discount with, and the agency suggested I book the hotel myself. That is fine with me! I'd prefer to book my own arrangements, quite honestly; after spending so many years booking travel for Kodak, I feel rather skittish about other people booking our travel. I'm too picky (and too much of a control freak) to put our trip in a stranger's hands willingly. So this morning I booked our Beijing hotel, online.

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