Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Updates on FengHong

We received an email last night with health updates for FengHong. Basically, it's just his recent height and weight. As usual, we had to sign the update and mail it back to WACAP ASAP. We found out that FengHong weighs 10 pounds more than Connor, and is 5 inches taller than Connor. So, he'll be in between the two boys in size, which is what we expected. I bought size 12 clothes, and I was right on target with my estimate. He'll wear a size 12S in jeans, just like Austin did last year. Things are moving forward. Yesterday, I booked the Ascott hotel online. It's expensive, over $200 a night, but from all that I've read it's best not to skimp on the accommodations. Several people wrote on their blogs that at their hotel the sheets were stained and dirty. Gross. At least a dozen writers addressed the filthy conditions in China. One person suggested bringing dozens of socks so that after walking in the room in stockinged feet, you could simply throw out the socks. I am really not willing to stay in a hotel that is that dirty. The hotel that I booked, The Ascott, is a five star hotel, it has a playroom for the kids, a (clean, I hope) pool, a Starbucks and Subway restaurants (as well as 3 other restaurants), and it's walking distance to Wal-Mart. Being able to purchase items easily ata Wal-Mart might prove invaluable! Today Connor and I are going to the bookstore to purchase a bunch of paperback books to bring on the trip. Usually, we get stacks of books at the library, but we want to be able to leave the books behind once we have read them. David compiled a list, Connor compiled a list, and I will just browse the shelves until I find a few interesting looking books for the trip. I already told Connor that he can begin reading to the boys on the very first day. Of course, they won't understand what is being read to them, but we want to establish the routine that we read every night before bed right from the start. One thing I learned by having exchange students and foster children, is to start off on the right foot by establishing routines from the first day. Never do something the first few days (such as let the children stay up late to watch TV), that you would not normally do or allow. It only makes for difficulties later.

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