Saturday, March 13, 2010

Documents and more documents

Our WACAP caseworker called me yesterday to go over all the documents we need to hand carry to China. Our pile of paperwork is over a foot tall, and we need to hand carry many of the important documents with us when we travel. David spent hours and hours photocopying and scanning paperwork into the computer (as a back-up) this week, and I found out yesterday he's not done yet. David made 5 copies of our passports, for example, and it turns out we need five copies for EACH adoption. That means, for some reason, we need to have 10 copies of our passports, and 10 copies of the visa page in our passport. Twenty sheets of paper, just for one of the items on the document list. No getting around it; there is an incredible the amount of paperwork involved when adopting. With the age of scanning and emailing pdf files, I would have thought that hardcopies would not be necessary anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth. But, after going through the mountain of papers, I do have a concise pile all ready to pack. Only 4 more days until we leave, and 6 more days until we get to hold our sons in our arms!

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