Monday, March 8, 2010

Obsessing...or should I call it "nesting"?

I have been obsessing over our trip, as I always do before we travel. Today, I cleaned out the van. Why does the van need to be cleaned suddenly? Because when we arrive home from the airport, I don't want the boys' first impression to be a dirty car. Yes, I know, I go slightly overboard sometimes. I also put in the request to stop our mail, and I'm getting Austin's haircut tonight too. Before we leave, I'm determined that everyone gets their teeth cleaned (and the two children with braces also need to see the orthodontist), and I'm cleaning the house from top to bottom this weekend. The dogs are scheduled to go to the groomers the day before we leave. I don't want them stinking up their caretakers homes. I'm putting off my own hair appointment until the last minute, so that I look good for the trip. Oh yeah, and my nails need to be done last minute too. A manicure will not last more than 2 weeks, tops. Tomorrow, I'll find something else to fix, clean, schedule, or obsess about. Killing time wrecks havoc with my mental health!! Good thing I work-out everyday or I'd be an absolute mess!! I remember feeling this disjointed right before I had each of our children. The endless filling up of time. The two weeks before giving birth, when I no longer went into work each day, were shear torture. Hmmm. I'd better clean the garage tomorrow too.

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