Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Support Groups

Earlier in the adoption process, I looked into adoption support groups. There is a group that meets monthly in Geneseo, but it is run by the Department of Social Services. First of all, most of the people who attend are foster-parent/adoptions, and secondly, I'm a bit down on DSS lately. I've sent a bunch of inquiries as to how our four (former) foster children are faring (like the alliteration?), and they don't even give me the courtesy of a response. I decided I'd better join Families with Children from China in Rochester. I originally hesitated to join FCC because it seems as if the emphasis is on adopted Chinese girls who were adopted as babies; our situation is quite different. Nonetheless, I sent in my $25 joining fee, and we will see what type of support they can offer our family when we get them home. I also joined two listserv Yahoo groups about Chinese adoption, and I've engaged in online conversation with a few other parents who have adopted older children. While waiting for Connor (who attends various lessons) the last two days, I re-read a bunch of articles that the social worker and pediatrician gave us on adoption, bonding, learning disabilities, language acquisition, identity formation, culture shock etc. etc. I am a fast reader, and I still spent 4-5 hours reading the stack of literature. Whew. I just hope and pray that our boys bond with us and feel happy to be a part of our crazy, but wonderful, family!

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