Thursday, October 30, 2008

Connor peters ( age 9) thoughts about twin Thai kids

It is me again! I just saw a video about two Thai twins who are available for adoption. The movie was convincing me to want them. These two twins are in a orphanage, and their mom is in jail. Right now they are living with a foster mother, but no one will adopt them because they are hyperactive and busy! The Thai twins are six- years old and very cute! They did not look hyperactive to me, just like normal 6 year old boys. I hope I can convince mom to adopt twins, but I don't think I can. And Thailand has lots of rules for adopting, and Mom might be too old to adopt from there. There is a lot to think about when adopting.


adoption journey said...
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Rebecca said...

Adopting is exciting! My parents were foster parents to over 100 children when I was growing up. We adopted two of them :) They each have their hard times, and many times we do not understand, for we did not see all that happened before they came to us. But, they are still people, and people with feelings and we love them, and they love us. Our love takes us through the trying times and brings us happiness in the good times! Good luck in receiving the child(ren) that will fit into your home!