Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Connors thoughts about adopting a child (age 9)

This is not my first journal. I wrote a lot when we went to Europe, so I have a little experience. These are my thoughts about adopting a child. This boy will be ( I think) a nice boy and quite bright too. I am the littlest in the family, so it will be good for me to be the middle aged one.I have always wanted a younger brother that I get to name, and I will be able to pick on him too (my brother always picked on me). If we successfully adopt a little boy, my little cousin named Eric will have someone to play with (Eric is 5). We have an Chinese exchange student named Xiao living with us now! He is fun and cool. He is 17 and very kind. Our Chinese exchange student's full name is Jiyuxiao but, we just call him Xiao. I am very excited about adopting a child, and I cannot wait any longer! But I know we might not be able to get a boy, but anyway I am still excited!


Cindy Knowles said...

This is really interesting. I've been a fan of Sandy's ideas for years, and this is another good one. I especially like the blogging. Yay Dave on the low BP! I hadn't really thought about how well our system takes care of foster children, that was a good point.

Connor, I especially liked what you had to say about what type of big brother you would be and what you've learned from your experience as the little brother all these years.

adoption journey said...

Thank you for commenting. I want to be a big brother and I think I'll be a good one.