Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why International?

A few people have asked us why we don't adopt a needy child from the USA. Here's why. First of all, we tried the whole foster-child-thing. We were foster parents, and "in the system" for over two years. First of all, the children in foster care are not legally free for adoption until they have been in foster care for many, many years, and every relative has had a chance to parent the child and failed. We would have adopted our foster children in a heartbeat, but our legal system makes it almost impossible. I know one foster parent who has fostered 22 children over the years (with the hope of adopting) and her dream was never fulfilled. Also, we found that, in general, foster children have EVERYTHING they need. Yes, life is not perfect for foster children in the USA. All foster children suffer from the loss of their parents, but, as a general rule, foster children in the US all have loving homes (such as ours). They have good food, warm clothes, excellent medical care, dental care, and lots and lots of financial support. Children from foster care in the US receive tuition assistance for college, for instance. Our country, sometimes to its detriment, provides foster children much more than the basic necessities. Children in foster care in the US can even attend one week of summer camp for free!! When I was a child I had to mow lawns and sell candy bars to earn a week at camp. Many children in orphanages in other countries lack the basic necessities. These children do not have enough food, they were often surrendered to the orphanage because of poverty, and they definitely need medical care. That is why we have chosen to adopt from China. We want to truly make a difference.

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