Thursday, October 30, 2008


I find it interesting that we've had such varying reactions to our decision to adopt. On the one hand, I have the group of friends and family who think we're absolutely crazy. Or they are simply cannot understand why we would make, what is in their mind, such a bad decision. I've received emails that try to nicely remind me that this will not be an exchange student that I can send home, or a dog that I can give away if it doesn't work out. Hmmm. We think we realize the difference in the level of commitment, but we know you are just concerned and such. We've been researching and preparing for adoption for over four years; it's not the same as the cute puppy I got talked into getting Kate for Christmas while shopping at the mall. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, we've received a few very enthusiastic emails. One friend said, "That is wonderful. No, you are not crazy. Yes it makes sense if one watches how many other kids you've surrounded yourself with over these years. ...So, go for it. You have so much love t o give, and what's one more...." And another friend pledged to be our support and rock through what promises to be a bumpy ride. Then there's David's mom, who quite literally brought me to tears. She told us that she thinks adopting a child together makes perfect sense, and she will be thrilled to have another grandchild. What's more, Dave's mom is already researching articles on transitioning adopted children! Boy, did I luck out with mother-in-laws or what? So, I guess I'm just blogging to express my appreciation for all the support, and to reassure those who are concerned for our sanity. This is a long and complicated process, in a long and complicated world.

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