Thursday, October 30, 2008

What's In a Name? (David's comments)

I've been looking for boys names that we might name our adopted son. I'm getting the feeling that no one likes the list of possibilities because my list has mysteriously disappeared=), there was some mention of a wet glass "mistakenly" being set on it and then it was thrown away...hmmm. Anyway, I was struggling with whether we should name him an American sounding name, or something Chinese, or maybe something totally different. Should we have him keep his first name and just change his last name to ours? I don't seems kind of tough to pick out a name for someone we haven't even met yet! Maybe we'll just narrow it down to few and see which one fits him the best when we see him for the first time...that will be an exciting moment! It reminds me of when we were trying to come up with a nickname for YuXiao before he arrived and we had a bunch of nicknames but nothing sounded really good. When he got here we asked him what people called him at home, and he's been Xiao to us ever since. We got all of the medical paperwork done and sent in to WACAP for Sandy and I today...that was a good feeling...
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