Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A work entitled: Dave's First Blog on Adoption or Your Mom is Gonna Read This So It Better Be Good

Sandy asked me to put some thoughts down on paper about our adoption experience, or how I feel about it. I have never written a journal before, so I am a little skeptical about this. Will my writing about this help me get I better handle on why I want to adopt? Sandy says that this is a very good way to organize my thoughts. If she thinks it's a good idea, I'll try it. We've been spending much time filling out paperwork, getting health certification forms done by the doctor...by the way, overall I was pretty impressed as to how quickly my doctor's office was able to do this and get all the blood work done and results back...he's a good doctor but in the past it has not been unusual to wait for 45 minutes before getting past the waiting room. My blood pressure was 115 over 75..I was very impressed with myself:). Given the fact that we have three boys at home right now- Xiao, our exchange student from China who recently turned 17, Austin who is 12, and Connor who is 9, I consider such a healthy blood pressure pressure a minor miracle! I think I'll thank God for good health in church this weekend. Speaking of kids at home...I guess this is one of the things that got me thinking about adopting...Xiao is a joy, but he will be going back to China in June (that's seems soon, but it's eight months away)...I like having the kids around, it gives everything such a feeling of vitality, there's always something going on, something to fix because little hands have broken it...our house seems to be set up well for boys. we have a pool table, workout room, a separate area for the kids to watch movies, use the computer, then there is the acres of fields, woods, a creek - what a boy's paradise!...I can't imagine a boy who wouldn't love to grow up here. Boys. There is something different about bring up boys...I often wonder whether Sandy feels a little ostracized with the three boys and myself. At least one of our two dogs is a female! I don't think that helps Sandy much, but she doesn't show any signs of wanting to have more girls around, and I don't think we even considered adopting a girl...I don't know why, I guess we just thought that our boys would like a younger brother...I guess we are kind of in "boy-mode" now as well. I'm not convinced that this is a helpful exercise for me yet, but I guess this writing things down isn't as bad as I thought it would be...

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